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  • Residential

    With benefits ranging from low maintenance to energy savings, ABC metal panels are the premier choice for your customer's home.

  • Residential Metal Roof & Wall Panels

    Recognized for their durability and resistance to harsh weather, ABC's residential metal building products provide your customers with increased protection against home-damaging events like wind, hail, ice, snow and fire. Some common residential applications include: 

    • Ranch-Style Homes 
    • Two Story Homes 
    • Townhomes 
    • Apartment Complexes 
    • Garages 
    • Hobby Shops 

    Our residential steel roofing and siding is available in a variety of styles and profiles to fit the requirements of your customer's project. We offer concealed fastener, exposed fastener and standing seam residential metal roofing panels. Choose from concealed and exposed fastener wall panel options to fit your customer's project. We also offer a broad selection of colors, offering your customers flexibility in design.

    Our metal roof and wall panels qualify for Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Class A Fire Rating, UL 90 Wind Uplift Rating and Class 4 UL Impact Resistance (hail) Rating. They're also simple to install. For the convenience of your customers, we provide installation guides and metal roofing installation how-to videos to support their building projects.

    For information about our residential metal roof and wall products, please contact your local sales representative. You can also browse our metal panel color resources, including our colors charts and metal panel color visualization tool.

  • Is a metal roof right for your home?

    When properly designed and installed, our cool metal roofs can reduce energy consumption, providing cost savings and immediate return on your investment. ABC’s superior quality panels help extend the life of your home’s roof and our broad spectrum of colors, finishes, and gauges give you the beauty and comfort you expect. Learn more about the benefits of metal roofs for homes.

    What does metal roofing cost?

    Metal roofing has a higher initial cost than other roofing materials; however, your metal roofing investment will save you time and money in the long term. Compared to asphalt shingles, metal roofing has a longer lifespan (15-18 years vs. 60+ years), requires only annual maintenance, and reflects heat, making it more energy efficient than a traditional asphalt roof. These benefits make metal roofing a better long-term investment for your home.

  • Which Metal Roof System is Right for You?

    Read about the major differences between metal panel products and how different panel profiles can change the aesthetics of your roofing project.

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