• Sep 15, 2015

What your customers need to know when considering a metal roof for their home

Casey Walker

metal roofing for homes & houses Your customers have a wide variety of options when choosing roofing materials for their home. One of those options is metal. When considering whether to use metal roof panels, there are a variety of factors any homeowner should consider.

Is Metal Roofing Right for Residential Use?

When considering metal roofing for residential applications, here are common questions your customers may have:

Will a metal roof match the style of their home?

With a wide variety of styles, profiles and colors, metal roofs compliment any residential design. Manufactured and produced to provide a higher quality option, metal roofs give your customers the beautiful appeal they want and the durability they need.

What is the life span of a metal roof?

According to a recent study by the Metal Construction Association (MCA), metal roofs are projected to last longer than the buildings they cover, up to 60 years or more. For customers considering a metal roof for their home, it’s a decision they’ll only need to make once.

How will metal roofing stand up to extreme weather?

Metal roofs are recognized for their durability and resistance to inclement weather with intense testing for high winds that can withstand gusts up to 140 miles per hour. (This is dependent upon the metal roofing profile selected. Your customers should contact the metal roofing manufacturer to assure they have the correct roof panel for their weatherability needs.) In addition to standing up to wind, metal roofs are known for withstanding decades of harsh weather like heavy snow, hailstorms and even fires. For homeowners who see a lot of heavy snowfall, metal roofs are an ideal option as they are able to shed snow fast and eliminate ice damming.

What are the environmental benefits of a metal roof?

Since up to 28 percent of the panel is recycled material, choosing a metal roof is beneficial for the environment. Metal roof are also nearly 100 percent recyclable. Additionally, they are energy efficient, absorbing up to 34 percent less heat than asphalt shingles. This keeps your customer’s home cool in the summer and warm in the winter—reducing their energy costs.

What does a metal roof cost in comparison to traditional roofing?

As a premium home product, your customers can expect their new metal roof to cost roughly twice as much as a traditional roof. However, there are many benefits that make this a cost-efficient solution for you customers including lower energy costs, moderate maintenance and increased resale value of your customer’s home. With metal roofing, your customers can be assured that they are investing in a long-term solution that more than makes up for the initial cost savings associated with traditional roofing materials. Read our blog post on metal roofing and shingles to learn more about pricing and benefits. For more information about residential roof panels, contact your local ABC sales representative today.

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