Introduction to the Program

Welcome to the forefront of residential metal roofing excellence. Our premier training and certification program is tailored for ambitious individuals who are eager to stand out in a competitive market and showcase their expertise. MetalPro Institute will allow you to dive into a comprehensive curriculum designed to refine your skills and knowledge of industry standards. 
Why it Matters  
Achieving MetalPro certification is more than a label. This certification indicates to your clients and competitors that you have reached the pinnacle of excellence in your field. Working with a MetalPro certified installer is associated with the highest quality of service in a field that brings immense value to homeowners. 

Benefits of the Program

Skill Acquisition  

Gain in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in the latest metal roofing techniques and technologies. 

Certification Advantages  

Achieving certification not only boosts your creditability, it also showcases your dedication, earning you recognition and trust from clients and peers alike. 
Industry Recognition  

Join an elite group of certified professionals who lead the market, endorsed by industry leaders for their skills and expertise.


Our Legacy

MetalPro Institute (TM) boasts a legacy that merges the expertise of two renowned predecessor programs: Metal Masters by Reeds Metals and Metal Pro by Union Corrugated Metals. Over the years, these two training programs cultivated a reputation for delivering hands on training that equipped contractors with the essential skills and knowledge to excel in the installation of metal roofing systems.  
Recognizing the strengths and unique contributions of both Metal Pro and Metal Masters, MetalPro Institute (TM) has successfully integrated the methods and curriculum of both legacy intuitions into a single, cohesive training program. This enhanced version of training offers students an unparalleled educational experience, blending in-depth theoretical understanding with practical, real-world application. MetalPro Institute honors its heritage while advancing the craft, setting new benchmarks in the industry and preparing the next generation of roofing professionals for success.

Program Curriculum and Features

Our curriculum covers everything from basic installation techniques to advanced customization, complete with live demonstrations and interactive modules for personalized learning.

Comprehensive Training

MetalPro Institute was created for students who are looking to master the art of installing metal panels. With both Face-to-Face and eLearning options available, our students are able to take ownership of their career development.

Hands-on Learning

Students are exposed to a variety of installation challenges and taught how to overcome them. Through engaging situational exercises and first-hand observation of real-world projects, students will learn valuable skills that will set them up for success in their careers.

Expert Instructors

Gain knowledge from industry experts with years of experience in metal panel installation, ensuring students receive the highest quality education.


Success Stories

Success doesn’t just happen. It’s earned. See the success of some of the MetalPro Institute installers below:

  "Our Metal Pro experience has benefited us in many ways.  It’s one thing to make a metal roof visibly appealing, but it’s another thing to make a metal roof functional.  The most important part is not just the panels, even though the majority of metal roofs are panels, we now know through our experience with MetalPro that trim and accessory pieces, and other items that are not as visible, are the most important components for a metal roof to last a lifetime without leaking. " 

-  Corey Gimble 

  General Manager 
  USA Home Improvement Solutions Inc

Certification Details

Registration for MetalPro Institute is free, and we are so confident in our program that we offer the first training session for free as well! Our Face-to-Face training and eLearning sessions cover a wide range of topics, so you can choose to learn about the ones that interest you the most, or you can opt in for our certification program. 
Within the MetalPro certification program, you’ll need to adhere to our course curriculum. There are three levels of certification that can be obtained, with each level providing more detailed information until the highest level, MetalPro Gold, is completed.


MetalPro Institute offers courses that can be taken independently or in cadence according to our certification program. Either choice is yours, and we have made it as easy as possible to enroll and begin. Whichever pathway is chosen, those who enroll can move at their own pace. There is no set time frame for enrollment or completion. MetalPro Institute allows you to make your journey your own.

MetalPro Institute is a program designed to develop even the most inexperienced individuals into expert installers. Through educational eLearning and Face to Face courses, any person can advance to new heights. Whether you are a contractor who is interested in enrolling their subcontractor team, a property developer researching trending techniques for your next project, or a homeowner who wants to upgrade their home to be more environmentally friendly, MetalPro Institute is for you.

MetalPro Registration

Take your skills to the next level and enroll at MetalPro Institute for free today! Your first training session will be on us!