• Sep 22, 2015

ABC Launches New Customer-Centric Website

Amy Crenan

Welcome to our new and innovative website that focuses on our customers and end users. With quicker access to product documents and resources, contractors and distributors can focus on increasing business and minimizing loss, while homeowners, farmers and business owners can easily find the right product for their needs. New website features: Upcoming Events & News | Check the Upcoming Events page to see what show or contractor event we will be at next and browse our News articles for company updates and product news. Blog | The new blog is your greatest asset for insight into the metal roofing industry, tips for metal roofing installation and maintenance and all of the innovations at ABC. Color & Product Resources | Instantly download color charts, product data sheets, installation manuals and more with the new Resource Center and create your next project with our color visualizer. Streamlined Widgets | No matter what page you are on, you can easily access what you need with the addition of interactive widgets which direct you to related projects, your nearest sales representative and much more. Improved Project Gallery | With the addition of multiple projects, the Project Gallery gives you expanded project details and the option to save and share project photos through social media and email. Color Visualizer | Choosing a color for your new metal roof is an exciting process, especially today when you have more options available than every before. Our color visualizer allows you to either upload your own home to see different panel and color options or use one of the photos available to see the different options. In addition to the new and improved features, the new site is mobile-friendly so you can utilize on the go. ABC products and information are now available at your fingertips. We are proud and eager for this next chapter in our company and as we continue to move forward, we promise to keep you, the customer, as our main focus.

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