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  • Soffit

     ABC's pre-cut soffit conceals the truss or framing of a roofing system while reducing installation expenses.

  • Soffit

    ABC's pre-cut soffit provides protection from damaging weather elements and creates a clean appearance.

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  • Product Information

    Product Information
    Soffit improves overall building appearances by concealing the truss or framing. It provides weather protection, prevents mold and rotting beams and offers an avenue for attic ventilation. ABC's pre-cut soffit is roll formed of 29-gauge steel with a "V" groove every six inches and cut to 11 3/4" and 23 3/4" lengths. Unlike traditional soffit panels, which must be cut to size on site, pre-cut soffit achieves all of the aforementioned benefits with reduced contractor labor expenses and increased efficiency. Panels are available perforated to allow under-eave ventilation and increased air flow capacity.

    Product Features

    • Profile(s): Solid, Perforated
    • Lengths: Pre-cut to 11 3/4" and 23 3/4"
    • Coverage Widths: 12"
    • Gauge - 29
    • Coatings: Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200
    • Recommended for applications under four feet.
    • Additional lead times may apply.
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