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    Building with the future in mind, ABC's metal roof and wall products add value and dependability your customers can count on.

  • Commercial Metal Roof & Siding Panels

    ABC's high-quality, low-maintenance commercial metal roof and wall panels offer reliable performance without sacrificing building aesthetics or longevity. Our comprehensive portfolio, easy installation and design flexibility make ABC products ideal for a variety of commercial buildings. Contractors and builders can purchase commercial metal siding and roof panels from our distributors in a variety of styles, profiles and colors to meet design and aesthetic specifications. 

    Some common commercial applications include:

    • Retail Stores 
    • Office Buildings 
    • Auto Dealerships
    • Auto Repair Shops
    • Car Wash Facilities 
    • Banks 
    • Restaurants 
    • Product Warehouses
    • Storage Facilities

    Our metal roof and siding panels meet the requirements for a variety of roof slopes, building designs and shapes, as well as loads and weather conditions, including hurricanes and extreme winters.

    With more than 100 years of experience, you can trust ABC as your commercial roofing & siding supplier. For information about supplying our commercial metal siding and roof panels at your location, please contact your local sales representative.


  • PBR

    Known for their functionality in numerous markets, PBR metal panels are ideal for any commercial application.  


    ABC's PBU panels offer a symmetrical aesthetic for commercial builders who want a unique appearance.


    PBC metal panels provide easy installation and can be used on multiple building types for commercial professionals.


    Adding stability to all commercial applications for business owners looking to have their brand stand out.


    The Retro-R metal panel is a distinguished option for builders to extend the life of an existing roof.

    Rustic Trail

    The Rustic Trail commercial panel has a unique weathered look and high quality that makes this panel an industry favorite.

    Imperial Rib®

    Due to its consistent efficiency and dependability, Imperial Rib is one of ABC's most popular, low profile commercial panels.


    ABC's SL-16 concealed fastener panels provide a clean, linear design  for commercial professionals.
  • Which buildings use metal roofs?

    Metal roofing is used on a variety of commercial building applications, including corporate offices, retail shops, technology centers, educational buildings, warehouses and healthcare offices.

    Are metal roofs noisy?

    Typically, the sound generated from rain or hail on traditional shingles is comparable to that of a metal roof. Because metal roofing is installed over plywood, felt, synthetic underlayment or an existing roof, this interior barrier can actually decrease the level of sound.

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