David and Janet Robertson wanted a unique and energy efficient home for their hobby farm and they ended up with what the neighbors are calling a “Barndominium.” Because the Robertsons appreciate products that are durable and low maintenance, they chose to have their home and storage shed completed with metal roofing and wall panels from American Building Components (ABC).

Located on 80 acres in North Carolina, the Robertsons’ post-frame home is 17 feet to the peak and measures 36 by 80 feet with 14-foot lean-tos on three sides and a 30- by 20-foot lean-to extension on the south side of the building. The shed measures 40 feet by 40 feet with 20-foot lean-tos on three sides.

Mid-State Metals of Cleveland, N.C., designed the buildings and supplied ABC’s Imperial Rib® panels to builder AW & Sons Construction of Salisbury, N.C. Imperial Rib® is a 36-inch wide through-fastened panel with a ¾-inch rib height, installed 9-inches on center. The Robertsons chose Coal Black for the roofing panels and Vintage White for the wall panels. AW & Sons also installed wainscoting around the bottom of the home’s exterior.

“The Robertsons knew we build energy-efficient post-frame homes.” Says John Jancic, owner of Mid-State Metals. “They came to us looking for a home they could live in without ever having to move to a rest home; a home with everything on one level, with 36-inch doors, no carpeting or anything trippable.”


The walls on the home are 8-1/2 inches thick and the roofing, constructed with rigid board insulation and blown-in insulation, has an R-value of 50. The Robertsons’ monthly energy bill averaged $73 from July 2020 to June 2021. This includes air conditioning and a little electric heat, during real cold spells. In-floor heating, powered by propane (natural gas is not available in this area) supplies most of the warmth at a cost of about $83 a month.

“Post-frame homes are less expensive to build than a stick-built home with asphalt shingles and vinyl siding,” Jancic says.

In addition to the post-frame materials for the Robertson’s home, Mid-State Metals delivered 7,050 square feet of Coal Black roofing panels, 4,360 square feet of Vintage White wall panels and 2,830 square feet of Hawaiian Blue panels for the porch ceiling.

The interior of the storage shed has 3,840 square feet of Imperial Rib® panels on the ceiling and walls in Polar White. The exterior of the shed has 2,319 square feet of Vintage White Imperial Rib® wall panels and 6,750 square feet of Coal Black Imperial Rib® roofing panels.

AW & Sons General Manager Timothy Hochstetler oversaw the construction of both post-frame buildings.

“We took care of constructing the shell of the home,” Hochstetler says. “Then the interior is ready for drywall or whatever the owner wants to do.”

AW & Sons frequently erects residential “barndominiums” for customers in North Carolina. It’s a unique residential option. The family-owned operation also constructs garages, sheds and horse barns.

“The best part for us is getting to work with great people,” Hochstetler says. “We developed a great relationship with the Robertsons on this project. I know, it’s our job, but when you get to work with wonderful people, everything seems easier. It’s rewarding. That goes for working with ABC and Mid-State Metals as well.”


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“Metal gives us longevity, low maintenance and a better re-sale value. It’s a once in a lifetime deal. Even the next owners will enjoy the value of the metal on these buildings.”

David Robertson


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