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  • Drip Stop

    Drip Stop technology is a unique solution for protecting your assets through condensation control.

  • Drip Stop

    Drip Stop maintains the aesthetics and structural elements of a metal roof while increasing protection and maximizing savings.

  • Product Information

    When temperature and humidity conditions reach dew point, moisture can condense on the underside of metal roofing and potentially cause water damage to the inside of your building.

    Drip Stop, an internationally patented CCM (Condensation Control Membrane), is pre-applied to our PBR, Imperial Rib® and Retro R® metal panels. Drip Stop traps and holds moisture within its felt membrane. Once the temperature recedes back below dew point, it releases moisture back into the air in the form of normal humidity.

    Product Features

    • Available on PBR, Imperial Rib® and Retro R®  products
    • 20-year adhesion warranty
    • UL®  723 Approved for flame spread and smoke generation for insurance specifications
    • Cost saving – up to 25% versus traditional solutions 
    • Durability – isn’t susceptible to ripping, tearing or deterioration like standard insulation and vapor barriers
    • Easy to clean
    • Reduced labor – no need to roll a vapor barrier down over purlins then seal with tape
    • Easy handling
    • Approved for use in animal confinement
    • Reduces exterior noise

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