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  • Components

    In addition to our roof and wall products, ABC offers a comprehensive line of custom components including steel trim and accessories to support your metal building projects. 

  • ABC Metal Building Components

    No metal building project is complete without the components that bring the roof and wall panels together. From structural products to fasteners and trim, ABC's expansive selection of metal building components provide support and longevity while allowing you to customize the performance and aesthetic of your structure.

    Our custom components include trim, accessories and structural products that enable you to create the building you need without design limitations. This includes standard and custom trim for commercial and industrial, concealed and exposed fastener, and standing seam roof panels; commonly-used products such as angles, cees and zees, channels, eave struts and roof huggers; as well as light-transmitting panels that can be used with any combination of hat sections, channel sections and sub-girts to create customized, aesthetic-enhancing shapes. This light-gauge structural framing was designed for preformed metal panels and is precision roll-formed in 20-foot lengths.

  • Trim

    ABC Trim is the perfect complement to any metal building project no matter the industry. Our wide range of roll-formed, custom trim products for roofing, façade and non-load bearing walls is manufactured in up to 20-foot lengths, can be customized for new or existing applications and to match soffits and gutters.


    ABC's superior metal roof and wall accessories add value to any metal building project. Our products, including clips, coils, flat sheets, windows, sealants, insulation and more, are manufactured using the highest-quality materials to ensure the integrity and longevity of your structure.


    To provide durability and increase the lifespan of your building project, ABC produces high-quality structural components for metal roof and wall panels, including angles, channels and more.
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