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  • Post-Frame

    ABC's trusted metal roof and wall panels, trim and accessories help you meet your customer's post-frame building needs.

  • Post-Frame Metal Panel Applications

    Whether your customer needs to match an existing roof profile or is ready to start a new project, ABC provides a wide selection of high-quality metal roof and wall panels, trim and accessories designed for post-frame building applications. 

    Our customizable products are backed by industry-leading warranties, assuring the quality of their coating and finish. We offer many trim products are available in lengths up to 20 ft. and a variety of roll-formed trim that helps increase the consistency of post-frame building products. Choose from variety of roofing accessories, including matching gutters and soffits, so your customers have the materials they need to get the job done. 

    For information about our post-frame metal building product, please contact your local sales representative.

  • Imperial Rib®

    Imperial Rib panels are ABC's most popular and trusted option for post-frame projects.


    Created for versatile applications, Perma-Clad metal panels are ideal for any post-frame project.


    Ameri-Drain is designed for the post-frame builder who desires excellence and endurance.

    Monarch Rib®

    Monarch Rib panels have one of the most unique profiles in the industry. This panel gives versatility to any post-frame building.

    ⅞ Wide-Rib®

    The ⅞ Wide-Rib metal panel offers a uniform, low margin look for any post-frame builder.

    Rugged Rib®

    The Rugged Rib metal panel adds durable strength to any building as one of the favored choices in the post-frame market.

    Regal Rib®

    The Regal Rib metal panel is known as a cost-effective option that also offers exceptional style

    2 ½ Corrugated

    2 ½  Corrugated panels are one of the most commonly used profiles in the post-frame industry.

    Rustic Trail

    Rustic Trail offers high quality with a unique, weathered look that makes this panel a consistent favorite.

  • Why use metal roofs on post-frame buildings?

    Metal roofing provides the strength, quick installation and easy maintenance that post-frame buildings require. ABC offers a diverse product range to fit the structure and aesthetic requirements of your post-frame project.

    Do metal roofs come with warranties?

    ABC’s metal panels are backed by leading industry warranties. We only use superior siliconized modified polyester (SMP) Valspar paints and ensure a premium finish by controlling the entire process in our own coating facilities.

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    Contact one of our technical experts to learn more about our metal roofing systems and how we can help you with your construction project.

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