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LokSeam® is a snap-together, concealed fastener, standing-seam metal roof system available in several colors that help your customers customize their projects.


These standing seam metal panels with concealed fasteners provide your customers with superior weather protection and a clean look that lasts. Architectural aesthetic paired with structural strength; this concealed fastener panel is one of the most popular choices in the commercial and residential roofing industries.

standing seam metal panel details stading seam panel profile

Product Information

The LokSeam® standing seam metal roofing system provides durability and energy efficiency to your customers’ projects, making it the ideal choice for commercial and residential applications. The roofing fasteners are concealed with the raised seam, giving the roof panels a ribbed look. These high-quality standing seam metal roof panels are available in a variety of colors, so your customers can customize as they wish. Providing durability and energy-efficiency to any type of building project, the LokSeam metal panel is the ideal choice for cost conscious builders. Available in a wide variety of colors, LokSeam provides high quality with the promise of deliverability through durability.

Product Features

  • Applications - Roof
  • Coverage Width - 12", 16" and 18"
  • Rib Height - 1/16"
  • Minimum Slope - 3:12
  • Panel Attachment - Concealed Fastening System
  • Gauge - 24 (Standard); 22 (12", 16", 18"); 26 (12")
  • Finish Type - Striated (standard); Embossed Striated (optional)
  • Coatings - Galvalume Plus®, Signature® 200, Signature® 300, Signature® 300 Metallic
  • Related Industries: CommercialResidential

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