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  • Panel Profiles

    ABC's wide variety of Premium panels are the gold standard in the metal roofing industry.

  • Steel Panel Profiles

    We offer a variety of metal roof & wall panel profiles to choose from. They're manufactured in 26- and 29-gauge steel and come in a variety of colors. Our Premium metal roofing panels are backed by a 40-year paint, 30-year chalk and fade and 20-year limited warranty. We offer a broad selection of steel panel profiles including corrugated, wide rib, low profile and many more. Our Premium metal panels are ideal for your light gauge metal roofing and building needs. Browse our selection of metal panel profiles and request a quote or shop online today.


    The PBU panel is a versatile option that fulfills your customer’ roof and wall panel needs. 


    LokSeam® is a snap-together, concealed fastener, standing-seam roof system available in several colors that help your customers customize their projects. 

    5V Crimp

    The durable 5V Crimp metal panel offers a traditional look that has become popular with customers across a variety of industries. 

    Rustic Trail

    The high-quality Rustic Trail panel offers a unique weathered look, making it a favorite with customers who want their building to stand out. 


    PBC metal roof and wall panels are easy to install, making them ideal for customers in a variety of industries. 


    With the cost-effective Retro-R® metal roof panel, your customers can extend the life of an existing roof without increasing the price tag.

    Imperial Rib®

    Imperial Rib® panels are equipped with condensation control and Drip-Stop solutions, making them a popular metal panel choice among customers. 


    The SL-16® metal roof panel is a cost-efficient, low maintenance option your customers can rely on.


    PBR is a multipurpose, low-profile roof and wall panel that your customers can apply over open framing or a solid substrate.


    Featuring a classic design, the high-quality Ameri-Drain® panel provides your customers with the outstanding durability necessary to get the job done.


    With its robust design, the Perma-Clad® panel stands out, making it a popular choice for many building projects. 

    ⅞ Wide-Rib®

    This high-quality metal panel offers a uniform look for your customers’ building projects at a low cost.

    Monarch Rib®

    This high-quality panel offers your customers the durability they need paired with the unique look they desire. 

    Regal Rib®

    Regal Rib® sets the standard for metal panel quality, providing homeowners and contractors with unprecedented performance year after year. 

    Rugged Rib®

    Rugged Rib® panels live up to their name by offering the strength and durability your customers need for their building projects. 

    2 ½ Corrugated

    Designed with bold curves and uncompromising strength, the 2 ½ Corrugated panel delivers the traditional aesthetic your customers desire. 

    1 ¼ Corrugated

    The 1 ¼ Corrugated metal roof panel is the preferred choice for customers seeking a traditional aesthetic.

    Insulated Metal Panels

    ABC's Insulated Metal Panels offer many advantages over traditional building materials.

  • Metal Roof Types

    When selecting metal panels for a roofing project, it's important to consider the metal roofing panel styles. There are several different styles to choose from depending on the look you're trying to achieve.

    Exposed Fastener:

    Exposed fastener roofing is an economical option for your building project. With this style of roofing, overlapping panels are fastened directly to the roof deck and the fastener head remains visible once installed. In many cases, the fasteners are painted to match the roofing panels to make them less visible.

    Standing Seam/Concealed Fastener Systems:

    With standing seam metal roofing, the panels are interlocked together at the edges to form a vertical seam. Seam heights vary, but the typical range is from 1-2 1/2 inches. For residential applications, the panels typically snap together without the use of exposed fasteners. This attachment method allows for expansion and contraction with changing temperatures, improving their lifespan and reducing wear on the roof deck. For greater strength and wind uplift capabilities, panels can be mechanically seamed.

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    Contact one of our technical experts to learn more about our metal roofing & wall systems and how we can help you with your construction project.

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  • Color Charts

    American Building Components offers a wide variety of premium metal roof and wall panels, trim and accessories for your residential, post-frame, agricultural and commercial customers. Our paint system represents the most sophisticated silicone polyester coating system in the industry and offers optimum exterior protection and superior resistance to chemical corrosion and ultraviolet radiation. A majority of our paint coatings are ENERGY STAR® qualified which could help reduce your customer's energy costs.

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    Color Visualizer

    Help your customers visualize their next project with ABC's Color Visualizer. You can share this tool with your customers, upload their photo or choose from our sample project photos to get started. You and you customers can select from our panel and color options and watch their building come to life. 

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