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Rugged Rib®

The Rugged Rib metal panel adds durable strength to any building as one of the favored choices in the post-frame market.

Rugged Rib

Strength and reliability make this exposed fastener panel a good fit for many post-frame applications.

rugged rib metal panels metal roofing panels

Product Information

As a complete package, the Rugged Rib metal panel provides stability and dependability as one of the favored choices in the post-frame industry. Manufactured with the highest quality metal, Rugged Rib stands the test of time and climate.

Product Features

  • Application - Roof and Wall
  • Coverage Width - 36"
  • Rib Height - 9/16"
  • Panel Attachment - Exposed Fastening System
  • Gauge - 29 and 26
  • Finish Type - Siliconized Polyester
  • Related Industries: AgriculturalPost-Frame

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