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⅞ Wide-Rib®

The ⅞ Wide-Rib metal panel offers a uniform, low margin look for any post-frame builder.

⅞ Wide Rib®

This exposed fastener panel is an economical solution for post-frame projects that require a traditional look.

wide rib metal roofing post-frame metal roofing

Product Information

With the added benefit of an economical solution for post-frame projects, the ⅞ Wide-Rib panel offers a traditional look for builders who are cost conscious. Maintaining durability with sustainability puts the ⅞ Wide-Rib at the front of the line as one of the top choices for high quality metal panels in the post-frame industry.

Product Features

  • Applications - Roof
  • Coverage Width - 36"
  • Rib Height - 7/8"
  • Panel Attachment - Exposed Fastening System
  • Gauge - 29 and 26
  • Finish Type - Siliconized Polyester
  • Related Industries: AgriculturalPost-Frame

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