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  • NCI Building Systems

  • NCI Building Systems

    ABC is part of the NCI Building Systems brand which provides high-quality solutions for your customers’ metal building projects in every industry. Through this partnership, we’re able to provide cutting-edge products, excellent customer service and efficient distribution to meet your customers’ needs.

    To learn how NCI Building Systems provides value for you and your customers, watch the short video or read the transcript below:

    No matter how you envision it, no matter where you are, the root to a quality constructed metal building starts and ends with NCI Building Systems, building results every day.

    As North America's largest integrated manufacturer and marketer of metal products for the non-residential construction industry, we serve a vast array of end markets with our robust network of business partners, manufacturing facilities, services and personnel.

    Our products span all aspects of the economy, from schools, churches, hospitals, farms and grocery stores, to hotels, aircraft hangers and manufacturing and distribution centers.

    Various manufacturing locations spread out across the Unites States, Canada and Mexico enable NCI to adapt quickly to service the needs of our customers. Strategic coverage and three well-defined business segments, metal coil coatings, metal components and engineered building systems, give NCI first mover advantage throughout North America.

    Our multi brand strategy and integrated value chain help to solidify relationships and brand loyalty through every segment of our customer base. Relying on this uniquely integrated business model, we have garnered a healthy share of the US non-residential metal building and components market.

    Depending on the location, you may find us coating heavy gauge coils for the construction industry or painting light gauge metal coils for manufacturers of consumer goods such as appliances, office furniture, lighting fixtures or for our own components and buildings brands.

    The components segment manufactures a wide variety of legacy and cutting-edge products, such as roof and wall systems, single skin panels, roll up doors and environmentally conscious, energy efficient, insulated metal panels used in cold storage, commercial, industrial and architectural applications.

    NCI custom designs each building envelope to meet applicable building codes and designated, end-use requirements. The building is shipped to the construction site complete and ready for assembly.

    It all adds up to a fully integrated supply chain. Designed to create quality metal buildings for industries representing every segment of the economy, NCI's hub-and-spoke manufacturing and distribution organization coordinates our supply facilities by region. This allows us to manufacture orders closer to our end users.

    Building results every day starts with providing a better product from coast to coast. And NCI maintains a solid technological edge with a robust R&D effort. The nerve center of the program is housed in the company's full featured test laboratory in Houston, Texas. Vacuum chambers capable of testing entire roof and wall-systems offer a glimpse at the wide range of equipment and technology deployed here. The facility serves as a proving ground for innovation and is a high tech workshop for improving existing products and exploring ways to increase efficiencies and reduce customer costs.

    Reflecting our commitment to innovation, NCI has adopted web centered technology across our entire operation. This enables clients to configure, order and track their purchases across the internet. We have also developed an integrated enterprise resource management system to support our hub-and-spoke strategy.

    NCI continues to improve upon our unique, vertically integrated business model. With thousands of employees spread out over the US, Mexico and Canada, we've made quality, customer service and distribution efficiency our top priorities. Working intelligently but with great urgency to constantly improve our performance, setting the bar higher about our customer's expectation of us goes hand in hand with our vision to be the undisputed metal products leader in the non-residential construction industry.

    That's teamwork, and that's NCI. Combining our sophisticated supply management system and consolidated purchasing power, NCI strives to deliver a quality, single-source, custom designed package that arrives complete and on schedule every time. From coast to coast, top to bottom, our streamlined, time tested operation is much like our buildings: built with strength, flexibility and the technology of tomorrow. It's how we are building results every day.

    So that's our vision at NCI. Now see what we do with yours.

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