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Doors 3068M AG Door Note:   All doors are embossed steel skin, aluminum frame, pre-hung, and include leaf, hinges, lockset and threshold Doors are universal swing   Part # Size Finish Weight Each HW-915 3068 White 58.00#


HW9098 Roll Up Door PKG

Roll Up Door PKG


  • For custom sizes, please inquire
  • Please specify wood, steel, or masonry application
  • Door includes handle, rope, fasteners, brackets, tension pin, cotter pin, and standard latch
  • Freight charges may apply


Part # General Weight
HW-9098 650M 3x7 Door PKG 46.00#
HW-9040 650M 4x7 Door PKG 49.00#
HW-9046 650M 5x7 Door PKG 61.00#
HW-9045 650M 6x7 Door PKG 74.00#
HW-9052 650M 8x7 Door PKG 98.00#
HW-9042 650M 9x7 Door PKG 110.00#
HW-9051 650M 9x8 Door PKG 126.00#
HW-9043 650M 10x8 Door PKG 140.00#
HW-9099 650M 10x9 Door PKG 158.00#
HW-9044 650M 10x10 Door PKG 175.00#

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