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Handyman Series

The Handyman Series Building Kit is the quintessential do-it-yourself structure that’s perfect for garages, backyard storage and hobby workspaces.

Handyman Series

The unique hybrid framework style of the Handyman consists of wood post columns (sold separately) and steel framing, ensuring that the Handyman is as economical as it is customizable.

diy metal building kits diy metal building kits

Product Information

Available in a variety of color combinations and sizes, the Handyman can be assembled on a foundation of level dirt, crushed rock or concrete pad, and a concrete slab can be poured after the substructure has been constructed, if desired. Engineered to withstand up to 110 mph wind loads, the Handyman Series buildings are available with or without insulation. The building kit features a framing system that is cut to length and comes with pre-punched holes, thus eliminating measuring concerns and making installation quick and easy.

Product Features

The Building Kit Includes:
  • 26-gauge PBR metal roof and wall panels
  • Simple eave and gable trim standard; gutters and downspout optional
  • Detailed erection drawings
  • Wall panels and trim available in Signature® 200 colors
  • Additional options are available. 

Available Sizes:
  • Widths: 18', 21', or 24'
  • Lengths: minimum of 24' with unlimited 12' bay add-ons
  • Eave Heights: 11'2" or 13'2"

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