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Builder Series

Completely customizable, these pre-engineered steel buildings offer flexibility for specialized spaces and unique end uses—and can be shipped directly to the job site in as little as three weeks*.

Builder Series

ABC’s Builder Series is a built-to-order metal building solution with nearly unlimited design options. Completely customizable and available in virtually endless combinations of sizes, accessories and frame designs, these fit-for-purpose, bolt-up pre-engineered steel buildings put the buyer in control of design and provide flexibility for specialized spaces and unique end uses.

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Product Information

Unlike other building kits, which are typically limited to R panel, the Builder Series is manufactured with superior quality and available with upgraded options, increasing design alternatives and allowing for maximum creativity. In addition to the industry-standard PBR panel, 3-inch standing seam roof panels and/or our AVP wall panel can be selected. Roof and wall panels come standard in 26-gauge, with the option for 24-gauge, in any of our 14 Signature® 200 Commercial & Industrial colors and include a 40-year chalk and fade paint warranty.

Product Features

Building Dimensions:
  • Widths: 15'-0" up to 100'-0"
  • Lengths: 20'-0" up to 500'-0"
  • Eave Heights: 10'-0" up to 26'-0"
  • Roof Slopes: 1/2:12 up to 4:12

Frame Designs:
  • Symmetrical
  • Single Slope

  • Bearing Frame (Light Endwall)
  • Non-Expandable (Heavy Endwall
  • Expandable Endwall

Bracing Options:
  • Cables
  • Rods
  • Portal Frames

Available Accessories:
  • Personnel Doors
  • Framed Openings
  • Roll-up Doors
  • Window
  • Wainscot
  • Canopies and Overhangs (up to 5'-0" wide)
  • Skylights
  • Wall Lights
  • Ridge Vents
  • Standing-Seam Roofs
  • Insulation

Panel Profiles and Gauges:
  • Roof Profile: PBR (standard); 3" standing seam (optional)
  • Wall Profile: PBR (standard); AVP (optional)
  • Gauges: 26-gauge (standard); 24-gauge (optional)

  • Sales drawings at time of quotation
  • Anchor bolt drawings typically available in 10 days (the fastest turn-around time in the industry)
  • Standard, easy-to-follow erection drawings
  • Permit drawings and sealed calculations (optional)

  • Signature® 200 Paint Warranty
  • Standard Manufacturing Warranty (optional)

*Note: Orders can be available to ship within three weeks of order placement. Additional charges apply. Please contact your ABC representative for restrictions.

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