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Builder Series

Completely customizable, these pre-engineered steel buildings offer flexibility for specialized spaces and unique end uses—and can be shipped directly to the job site in as little as three weeks*.

Builder Series

ABC’s Builder Series is a built-to-order metal building solution with nearly unlimited design options. Completely customizable and available in virtually endless combinations of sizes, accessories and frame designs, these fit-for-purpose, bolt-up pre-engineered steel buildings put the buyer in control of design and provide flexibility for specialized spaces and unique end uses.

Builder Series Metal Building Kit Metal Building Kits

Product Information

Unlike other building kits, which are typically limited to R panel, the Builder Series is manufactured with superior quality and available with upgraded options, increasing design alternatives and allowing for maximum creativity. In addition to the industry-standard PBR panel, 3-inch standing seam roof panels and/or our AVP wall panel can be selected. Roof and wall panels come standard in 26-gauge, with the option for 24-gauge, in any of our 14 Signature® 200 Commercial & Industrial colors and include a 40-year chalk and fade paint warranty.

Product Features

Building Dimensions:
  • Widths: 15'-0" up to 100'-0"
  • Lengths: 20'-0" up to 500'-0"
  • Eave Heights: 10'-0" up to 26'-0"
  • Roof Slopes: 1/2:12 up to 4:12

Frame Designs:
  • Symmetrical
  • Single Slope

  • Bearing Frame (Light Endwall)
  • Non-Expandable (Heavy Endwall
  • Expandable Endwall

Bracing Options:
  • Cables
  • Rods
  • Portal Frames

Available Accessories:
  • Personnel Doors
  • Framed Openings
  • Roll-up Doors
  • Window
  • Wainscot
  • Canopies and Overhangs (up to 5'-0" wide)
  • Skylights
  • Wall Lights
  • Ridge Vents
  • Standing-Seam Roofs
  • Insulation

Panel Profiles and Gauges:
  • Roof Profile: PBR (standard); 3" standing seam (optional)
  • Wall Profile: PBR (standard); AVP (optional)
  • Gauges: 26-gauge (standard); 24-gauge (optional)

  • Sales drawings at time of quotation
  • Anchor bolt drawings typically available in 10 days (the fastest turn-around time in the industry)
  • Standard, easy-to-follow erection drawings
  • Permit drawings and sealed calculations (optional)

  • Signature® 200 Paint Warranty
  • Standard Manufacturing Warranty (optional)

*Note: Orders can be available to ship within three weeks of order placement. Additional charges apply. Please contact your ABC representative for restrictions.

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